Editor Going Blank While Adding Package

Hey all,

While I am in the package.json file and when I try to add a new package by clicking the “Add Package” button, the editor suddenly goes blank. In the DevTools console, I got this error:

[Error] TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating 't.split') — new-stuff-log.js:16
	ia (index.version.56d202a05e67b103efd3.js:74:1327454)
	(anonymous function) (index.version.56d202a05e67b103efd3.js:74:1332367)
	Zi (index.version.56d202a05e67b103efd3.js:74:1325337)
	Xi (index.version.56d202a05e67b103efd3.js:74:1325137)
	Na (index.version.56d202a05e67b103efd3.js:74:1335072)
	Fa (index.version.56d202a05e67b103efd3.js:74:1337636)
	(anonymous function) (index.version.56d202a05e67b103efd3.js:74:1350716)
	(anonymous function) (index.version.56d202a05e67b103efd3.js:74:1361451)
	Ss (index.version.56d202a05e67b103efd3.js:74:1350672)
	js (index.version.56d202a05e67b103efd3.js:74:1350426)
	Cs (index.version.56d202a05e67b103efd3.js:74:1349771)
	Ts (index.version.56d202a05e67b103efd3.js:74:1351150)
	Tn (index.version.56d202a05e67b103efd3.js:74:1283179)
[Error] TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating 't.split')
	Cs (index.version.56d202a05e67b103efd3.js:74:1349976)
	Ts (index.version.56d202a05e67b103efd3.js:74:1351150)
	Tn (index.version.56d202a05e67b103efd3.js:74:1283179)

OS: MacOS Mojave v10.14.6
Browser: Safari

Is anyone else facing this issue?

Also pinging @glitch_support.

I can’t say I have run into this. It appears they assign something to null then try to access it as an object without nullish coalescing 1st.

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You’re scaring me with that nullish coalescing :rofl: :joy:

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Lol, very new thing tbh.

I managed to solve this issue by deleting all cache and then refreshing the page.

Hi there - sorry you ran into this, and thanks for the report! We made a note of this internally and will fix as soon as we can - glad you were able to find a workaround.


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