Editor Infrastructure Updates

We just released some big updates to the way the editor works to make way for some features coming soon. Things should work pretty much the same way as before from your viewpoint, but let us know if you see any problems.


So is it like Some features are live and more are coming ??
or is it some backend updates to make it compatible with the new frontend updates coming later ?

It’s the second one. You shouldn’t really notice any changes right now.

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Good to know :+1:
I hope the changes would make our experience with glitch even better.

Really need to notice this out.
Image files (for my case .png) is also being opened in text mode in the editor.

Yeah a current fix would be using .gitignore

Thanks @Froosty, looks like I broke the binary file detection. I put in an extension-based band-aid for now. Refreshing your editor should pick up the changes.

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