Editor is jumping right and left when having error


Hello. While editing java script and having error in code the error element shows and resizes the left tab. so it moves with the main code element. Sometimes it jumps more, sometimes less. But it really distributes myself.


What browser and OS?


Screen size might also be useful to know (is this on an iPhone vs an iPad, for instance?). It might also be useful to know if you’ve resized the left pane manually. Basically, if the left pane is too narrow for the error notification when a server-side file with an error in it is parsed by the engine it will try to make things work in a responsive way - in Chrome on my MacBook, for example, it wraps the “Status Error” block to the next line. Knowing what @Dog2puppy and I asked might help us address the need for additional space differently in a future release.

If it’s really irritating you you could resize the left pane so that it’s wide enough to include the error message so things won’t jump around. You can also use a watch.json file in your project to control how often Glitch tries to parse changes to your files or to exclude certain files or types of files from being automatically checked at all. This project has a basic example you could use as a reference. Keep in mind, though, that any files you exclude from having changes watched won’t be automatically refreshed at all and you’ll need to restart your project manually (for example by opening the console and using the refresh command) to have them take effect. You might try using a watch.json file just with a high throttle value.