Editor is sluggish

A few days ago the editor became very sluggish, part of the problem might be related to this error:

OTS parsing error: Failed to convert WOFF 2.0 font to SFNT
/edit/#! ....

Failed to decode downloaded font: https://cloud.webtype.com/webtype/ff2/5/f1d9464c-1e77-
4bbc-aa13-878327f3dbe 4b0747b6e74f3d50e8f8ec5f6448383421cf3a535ba79a776def869610e3f92cef3b87dddc

Which appears constantly.

Browser is Chrome latest version.

Sorry to hear that. The font issue has been around for some time, so it isn’t the cause of your issue. I haven’t been able to reproduce the sluggishness myself, can you let us know which project you’re having issues with and we can take a closer look. Thanks!

One thing that can make the editor feel sluggish is having it connected to a tab you have opened with “Show Live”. That tab will be refreshed every time you type in the code, and that causes some delays. You can turn this off by unchecking “Refresh App on Changes” under your avatar menu in the upper right.