Editor keeps reconnecting and changes to the code are not applied

I have got my project that I haven’t edited for a while but it’s been working flawlessly with no issues but now that I have decided to change the content of any of the files the editor just says reconnecting, it does I guess connect eventually and it restores the code that was there in the beginning (before the change). When I try to change the text again I just get stuck in the same loophole of reconnecting and no changes applied. I am certain it’s not an internet issue, it’s stable and everything. I use Chrome but Microsoft Edge (not the Chromioum one) results in the same “bug”. I also attempted to remix the project in case that was the issue but it was of no help. If someone could please suggest a solution to this. that’d be great!

Could likely be an internet issue. It could be something to do with your firewall (I doubt it though) as some Glitch URLs may be blocked.

Otherwise, can you reproduce the same error on a different machine/PC? (If you can it may be a internet issue).

Exact same issue on my phone using mobile data (so that it’s a different network than my WiFi)

Ah, okay. I’ve never seen this issue before.

It is likely a problem with the container itself or the Glitch systems.

Unfortunately, you will need to wait until a moderator replies to this thread.

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Thank you for trying tho :slight_smile:

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Hey @vlazarov278, can you provide your project name so someone can take a look at your project?

Do I need to unprivate it? “hyper-main”

No need to make it public, I can see it even though it’s private.

This problem sometimes occurs when your project is getting close to the storage limit, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. I was not able to observe the issue in a few moments of observation. Does this happen when editing any particular file?

It seems to be happening with all files

Hello @vlazarov278,

As I was suspecting, just as cori said, Your project space is most likely getting to full storage space. Could you please run these commands in the following order!

du -hd1
git log --stat
git prune
git gc 

For the first 2 commands (du -hd1, git log --stat) Could you please send a screenshot of what the outputs are.

Could I also be invited to the project to help out a little more and show you some tips on keeping your projects used space at a lower point.