Editor like Github Codespaces?

I’d like to suggest having Glitch add the option to use something that looks and operates like Visual Studio Code into their editor. Like the new Github Codespaces feature: https://github.com/features/codespaces/
The repl.it editor is also cool.
I understand if this isn’t possible and will still just copy and paste code edits from Visual Studio Code.

Hi there @yogurtsyum!
There is no need to copy and paste from Visual Studio Code as you can make live changes to your project with it using the Glitch add on https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=glitch.glitch
Hope this helps!


Furthermore, to get a ‘feel’ similar to VSC you can try the dark theme of the Glitch editor

Just had another look at codespaces. You mean visual studio code feeling editor in Glitch in the browser? Is that not what the editor is for? Why have another editor? Doesn’t make much sense as the Glitch editor experience is much like VSC anyway and if you want VSC you can use the addon

I guess. VSC in the browser might be cool though. Thanks.


Three things that I know that are similar to VSCode in the browser:

  1. GitPod

  2. code-server which allows you to start an instance of VSCode on your laptop or computer and then you can make it a remote server so that you can access VSCode in the browser and save files to the remote server.

  3. Theia also allows you to make an online code editor, can be installed on a boosted container. (The VSCode-like editor in GitPod is made using Theia).

Monaco Editor is the official VS Code browser editor, and it has been requested for Glitch in the past, this is their response:


But Monaco is a bit hard to set up + it’s not compatible on a mobile device.