Editor wont fetch projects


ok i go in the edito and it wont fetch though it will load the project and console only reason im posting this is bc the statuas page thinks its fine also the project is hazel-launch (it only happens on this project)


hey nice i thi nk you fixed it bc its fetching now and i see you in it


Hey @geoffrey1900 I moved your project to a new host and the problem seems to have cleared up.


also i wondering why the bin folder keeps getting the files with coppys of data inother files


im thinking it does this always but since it has a folder called bin it wont hide it (hidde-n as in like shrinkwrap.yaml is hiddden from the file sidebar thingy)


also im wondering now if theres a way to disable the hiding of the node files and folders like the shrinkwrap.yaml and the /node-modules/ or what ever it is