Edits from yesterday didn't save?

Yesterday I made a bunch of changes to my project. I also clicked show in a new window to make sure they were applying (they were). When I looked at my project today, nothing from yesterday saved. The “show in new window” tab also didn’t have the changes I added yesterday.

Also, I didn’t get the notification that says that your changes aren’t saving because you lost connection. I had connection the whole time. It wasn’t a specific file type either, none of the files saved. The project name is “parzivalsdomain”.

In the rewind tab, it says I didn’t even make a change yesterday (see the image). Are all my changes gone forever? Did this happen to anyone else/were you able to get them back?

Glitch is currently having a few issues…

Is it safe to re-add what wasn’t previously saved, or will that not get saved either?

I would just take a bit of caution editing the project right now. Maybe try editing after the outage is over.

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