Ejs Project too slow to load

Hey there,

I am having an issue with my glitch project. natebot-evidence and what happens is that I was attempting to add a feature where it filters a user and they get certain badges into profile.ejs

E.g. Myself gets owner, Evidence Staff badges and my admin gets Staff badge.

However, after having attempted adding the badges. They kinda worked but also crashed by project and gave the Error: Error: http request timeout when attempting to access the site, login with Discord oauth2 etc.

And the code for displaying badges

<% if (user=MYUSERID) { %>
<span class="badge badge-danger">Server Staff Member</span> <span class="badge badge-dark">Nate Bot Staff</span> <span class="badge badge-primary">Owner</span>
<% } else  {%>
<span class="badge badge-danger">Server Staff Member</span>
<% } %> //Lost the code snippet (uses else if) to define if there is another user to get different roles

I am not sure why its doing this. I haven’t done ejs in a while rip


<% if (user==MYUSERID) { %> not <% if (user=MYUSERID) { %>

(Maybe take a class in JS my guy)

I already have good experience with JS. I said I haven’t done EJS in a long while so I forgot.

Thanks for the tips tho!

Glitch then seems to have stopped temporarily. It is still affected now:

You may have encountered it. Wait for recovery. :coffee:

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