Email Account Typo blocking me from using VS Code

Currently logging into my account with my gitHub account but when I tried to authorize to use VSCode with glitch I discovered that I accidentally typed my email in for glitch as lordnodingtong instead of lordnodington. Can I get this fixed please? Thank you in advance.

For clarification. I need the email tied to my account to have a single character removed so that it is correct.

EDIT- It occurs to me now that I should probably include my Glitch username. It’s tehnod or @lordnod

Hey @lordnod, welcome to the Glitch forum!

I found your Glitch account, but as far as I can tell the email address matches the one you’d like it to be - i.e. there’s no additional “g” in it, so I don’t think that’s the cause of your issue. Can you help me understand exactly what you’re running into so I can sort it out?

When I request a code to connect my account to visual studio it says it’s sending it to and I never receive it

Ah, I see. Let me check with the rest of the team on this. Sorry for the bother!