Embed project in Adobe Indesign Interactive PDF but failed

So I want to embed my glitch project in Adobe Indesign Interactive PDF. It looks fine in Indesign EPUB preview:

But after I publish the pdf online, i found that it was blocked.

I contacted Adobe Support, they said that this is because Glitch blocked the permission, so I should ask Glitch about this issue.

Can anybody help me with this problem? Thank you very much!

My Adobe online PDF link (PROBLEM AT PAGE 8 of 45): https://indd.adobe.com/view/2ac30897-496b-461c-976d-f8f072b39633
My Project Link: variable-eye.glitch.me

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For me it works:

That is so strange! Can I know what browser you are using?

Chrome, but forget that, I was on the Adobe link

Can you give us the a embed website demo? So I can check the code out

you mean the glitch program’s code or the html code that i insert in my indesign document?

The glitch program’s link

I mean, not variable-eye.glitch.me, but the glitch project where you embedded the PDF

Oh i just literally embedded variable-eye.glitch.me

No, the website with the embed. Not the PDF or variable-eye.glitch.me

The website where you embedded the PDF

Ohhh i get it, but I’m not sure what is the root website though, because what i did is that I have an indesign document, and I just click publish interactive PDF, and adobe host the pdf for me…

Can you give us the link where you found this:

(this is the screenshot you taked)

this screenshot is exactly the adobe link:


its the same link, its just that for some reason, for me, it is blocked, but it seems that when you open it it is fine

It works for me:

Website URL: https://indd.adobe.com/view/2ac30897-496b-461c-976d-f8f072b39633
Page 8

My browser details:
User agent:

hmmm thats strange… Could you help me click the little toggle switch at the top left corner of the program? I just want to know when you click the switch, does the program ask your webcam to open (if it does then its working fine) (like do it In the PDF)

No it does not:

I will try to check for errors in the console

i see, if you click the original program link, does the original program opens it properly?