Embedding a Specific Version


I’d love to be able to embed a specific version of a project. That would make writing tutorial-style blog posts awesome, since I could embed the same project several times, with a different commit hash or tag each time

{% glitch sunset-sink?version=init %}
{% glitch sunset-sink?version=stub %}
{% glitch sunset-sink?version=final %}


There are two elements to this suggestion I think. The syntax you’ve put there is the Glitch embed functionality for Liquid, that you can use on certain blogging sites (I’ve seen it on https://dev.to) so I guess it’s a Ruby Gem which extends Liquid language. I believe it’s a third party thing, not maintained by the Glitch developers.

However, the Glitch developers do provide some embedding options and they would need to extend them to do what you’re talking about.

I personally like the idea of being able to embed at a different revision. You’re right that it would be handy for tutorials!


Right. My example pseudo code is irrelevant to the feature request - the ability to somehow embed a version. I only assume that feature would be expressed as a query Paran.


The problem with this is that we would need to have a server running for every version of your project that you wanted to use. Right now the closest thing to this is to remix the project when you want to create a checkpoint. You could rename the remixes to contain the version, so something like sunset-sink-init.