Embedding Ethics in Computer Science

It has been refreshing to see schools such as Harvard and others take the lead in embedding ethics into their computer science programs. Our Glitch community has so many stalwart leaders in this department. Where do you see good ethical examples in our community? How are ethics embedded in UI features and the entire UX? I would love for this thread to be a “Feedback” zone in this regard.


One concrete feedback example I have related to ethics is regarding accessibility. My vision is not very good and could someday deteriorate to the point where I may need a screen reader. I already empathize with all those who currently rely on screen readers to interact with content. Glitch has a perfect Lighthouse accessibility score of 100/100.

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Strong agree!!! Two things that I want to shout are the community CoC and the human-readable Terms of Service. It might not seem like a lot, but those things make a big difference.

One thing I would be very interested in seeing/working on would be more communication guidelines (for positive/supportive communication patterns, as opposed to just non-abusive patterns) for the forum – is there a place where I could submit a proposal or ticket for that?