Emmet Abbreviation

Suggestion: Add Emmet Abbreviation to the coding workspace

You might be able to add that into the .prettierrc file.

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Sorry, can you elaborate on that?

Glitch uses a service called “Prettier” for formatting. The .prettierrc is a configuration file for this service.

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Ok, so how would I add it into a .prettierrc file?

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Oh wait, I think I was mixing up something else. The editor Glitch uses currently does not support this, sorry, so I would reccomend you request this as a feature on CodeMirror, Glitch’s editor.

Ok, I’ll try that

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Actually theres already a Emmet Suggestion

@GeneralX, emmet used to be present on Glitch but it was removed:

as glitch removed ACE.JS

Glitch should really provide the new codemirror editor as they got it