Emoji Domain Compatibility

Hi :wave:, so on my project bongo-website i have two domains; bongobo.tk and :drum::robot:.tk
The first works fine but the emoji one returns “not working” (lower case “n”)
Any suggestions?
Edit: They’re both set-up same way on dns side

I just popped into your project for a brief moment to take a look, and I see you’ve got a little http => https redirection going on. What happens with :drum::robot:.tk if you remove that?

No nothing, I even removed the ssl certificate and still nothing?!

Hey @rhld13, it doesn’t look to me like those two domains resolve to the same address, which is a little surprising. Can you show us your DNS config for those domains?

Wait let me try sending both to the same domain- ye i sent them to two different ones waw

They’re both getting directed to same address yet the emoji one still gets not found

Hey @rhld13, DNS changes can often take a bit (sometimes up to 24 hours) to make their way through the internet, so if you just changed it we might need to wait for a little while to check. It partly depends on what the default TTL your registrar uses.

https://www.digwebinterface.com/?hostnames=xn--yp9hvc.tk bongobo.tk&type=&colorize=on&ns=resolver&useresolver= still shows the old addresses, but once that shows the new ones we can check again.

Hi, its still isn’t working. :frowning_face: Could you remove the emoji domain so i can try and manually set it up on fly.io please?

I’m happy to do that, @rhld13, but when I look at the dig web interface online link I provided it doesn’t seem like your DNS changes took yet, so I don’t think moving any of the domains somewhere else will help yet. That seems awfully long to me, so it might be worth verifying those changes and if needed talking to your registrar’s support.

Let me know if you still want me to remove the domains.

Ye i checked how fast cloudflare changed them so to test i changed it to google.co.uk and within a matter of seconds it was working, so i don’t know what’s wrong so if it’s ok with you i’d like to remove the domain so then i also have more admin control over it. Thanks for all your support!

Hey @rhld13 there are some oddities about the way these domains are configure across Glitch and Fly.io. I’m working with them to get things sorted out and will let you know when we’ve worked it all out.

Sorry for the bother!

Ok and once again thanks so much for your support!!

Btw since it’s going through cloudflares CDN, they will proxy it so the domains will resolve to cloudflare ips.

Ye i was thinking of that so the ips would never be the same anyways lmao😂

Hey @rhld13 sorry we haven’t gotten back to you about this yet, what I’d like to do is to remove the domains from the Glitch end of things and then have you get in touch with Fly.io’s support and work with the to get them removed form that end of things.

If you’d still like to proceed, please just let me know and we’ll get things cleared up on the Glitch end.

Yes please thanks for coming back i almost forgot about it anyways :joy: