Emojis aren't showing up?

Hi, new here. Emojis don’t seem to show up using markdown anymore, not sure if it’s just me.

Hey @Bernard, welcome to the Glitch forum. Are you talking about emojis on the forum? What sorts of emojis aren’t showing up for you? I definitely see several showing up just fine :slight_smile: :thinking: :rainbow:!

If you’re talking about a markdown file in the glitch editor, they show up for me

Yes, I am talking about that, they don’t seem to work for me unless I copy and paste them from another site… :frowning_face:

Here is the error happening:

Interesting – I’m seeing some emojis showing up but not others. For example, :smile: shows me :smile: and :angry: shows me :angry: but :slight_smile: doesn’t show up as an emoji in the markdown. It may be that there’s just a more limited library of emojis available?

I took a look at the code, and it looks like the emoji support in our markdown editor is powered by the markdown-it-emoji module. We’re currently using the “Light” version, which only supports “well-supported unicode emojis”. I can take a look at whether we’re using the latest version, but I think right now we only support these emoji codes presently. You can of course always copy in any emoji character!

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Understand. I am surprised that there is no :+1: :+1: available.

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