Empty Eleventy Starter

Project: https://glitch.com/~empty-11ty
Live: https://empty-11ty.glitch.me/

I wanted to hit a sweet spot between the 11ty starter and glitch-hello-eleventy.

My goals with a static site generator are generally this: single template; no front-matter, data, or config required.

So that’s what this does.

Every page defaults to using base.njk as the layout, no front-matter needed, thanks to the config set in _data/layout.js

There is no posts collection. It uses the magical all collection to dynamically render a nav in the footer, so when you add a new page, it goes right in there.

I’ll be using this in the future as my 11ty base, and I hope it’s useful to some of you too :slight_smile:


@aboutDavid is going to be so proud