Emulate11 - window manager / windows 11 replica online

Emulate11 Alpha
A window manager I wrote. It’s very glitchy.
Also has a cool multiple desktops thing if you enable it under the start menu. Hold <left arrow key> + Slider to adjust the desktop. It still glitches window positioning though.
Edit: The Chrome app isn’t by me, it’s by some developers and it’s called Rammerhead Browser. I made a proxy in the app store but it’s nowhere close to matching the other proxy.


Nice creative use of advanced web proxies to pop in a semiworking visually similar chrome :slight_smile: .
The user experience, isn’t the best but the idea the project brings certainly is. It does make me wonder if anyone else has tried adding a sort of windows fluent design take to irc chat clients.


Thank you for the advice! I worked on the UI a bit. I also fixed the Window drag and resize glitches. However there are still issues on first resize and multiple desktops.

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