Enable users to modify DNS resolver


I’m just curious as to what DNS resolver is used by Glitch. E.g: (CloudFlare), Google DNS, etc.

And is there a way to change the DNS resolver used?


Hey @xXProGamerXx my expectation is that there’s no way to change the DNS resolver - I believe that the resolver is delegated to AWS EC2’s settings.

I’m curious why you feel you’d need to do this? If I had a better understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish I might be able to suggest alternatives or talk to the rest of the team.


I’d rather use (CloudFlare) as I use it at home and have it configured on my router, etc. I like using as it is the worlds fastest DNS resolver (at the time of writing this). Also, this could significantly (maybe) improve the speed it takes to lookup IP addresses.

Currently, I am writing a program which keeps websites up online. If I get to a point where there’s lots of sites to keep up then there could be degraded performance as it may take a while to search up lots of IPs.


Thanks for the additional information, @xXProGamerXx. I’m moving this to Feature Ideas; it’s not something that we currently support, and I don’t think it’s going to end up on our short-term radar in the foreseeable future.


Alright, thanks for your help.