.env disappears from the left rail


My .env file just disappeared from my left rail. It’s still there in the console.

This just happened after I added .env to my .gitignore file (I had checked out the project locally from GitHub and wanted to make sure I could get it working correctly locally. Once I pushed that change back up to Gomix, all of a sudden I can’t see .env in the UI.


Hi Matt,

All files in .gitignore are not shown in the file list. As for .env, we special case it so that even if it is not in .gitignore, it is not exported to GitHub, so you can remove it from there.

Would you prefer it to be shown even if it is in .gitignore? We might consider to switch the logic for it so that people don’t get confused :slight_smile:


@etamponi Thanks for the response!

Yah, if it were me, I’d prefer it be a special case–because it’s a special tool where the file in Gomix has a special UI (the little key) and special considerations (only certain people can see it and edit it).

The reason I added it to the .gitignore in the first place is because we need it for local development. I have multiple people checking out the repo on their own machines, working on it, using dotenv, and then we push it up to GitHub and push to Gomix for staging/prod.

So, unfortunately, we have to put it in .gitignore, breaking your special case.



hey matt,

sorry for the late response! We just deployed the fix that prevents .env from being hidden even if it is in .gitignore. :slight_smile: