.env file disappeared in early 2022 Glitch makeover

Hi, I am used to seeing and editing the .env file that gets created with a new Glitch project (and scrubbed on remixing). In the early 2022 makeover of Glitch, I now can’t see the .env file listed in a new glitch-hello-node project, say, whereas I used to be able to see it in the files in the left panel, or at least via
ls -al
in the Terminal.

With some console.log()s in server.js, I was able to confirm variables like process.env.PROJECT_DOMAIN were populated, so I guess the file is hanging around somewhere!

If you could let me know how I can find and edit it please, that would be great!

Hi there - if you don’t see a .env file in the sidebar, it means it hasn’t been created yet for that project - those other variables like PROJECT_DOMAIN live outside of that file and are set by the container.

If you create a .env file and still don’t see it, email support@glitch.com with the name of the project you are having issues seeing it in and we’ll investigate what’s going on!

That’s great, thanks Jenn!