Env var for HTML

Hello, do you know how to use env var for HTML code ?

Sorry, its not possible to do so. What do you need it for?

Sorry, you can’t use env cars in HTML as it is server side.

Edit: lol you beat me

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*client side

Actually, you could use EJS and get env vars from there

I mean env files are server side

To hide my ip in the code

Why are you putting you up in the source code? Can you just do this server side?

I dont understand

I think he means: “Why are you putting your ip in the source code? Can you just do this server side?”

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I display a web server
I use Glitch similary at Proxy

Sorry, I’m still having trouble understanding what you want to do.


Short answer, no. Longer answer, HTML is a client-side language so it doesn’t have a feature like this. However, you can use a server-side language to implement this.

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Why don’t you try webpack? It might work. The short answer isn’t correct. We need a long answer to answer the short answer.

The answer to OP’s question is no.

What about using the Fetch api to send a post request then sending back the info. I know that’s the most insecure thing you can do, but hey…

To the OP, please do this on the server side.

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