Erroneous Project Suspension? 'Process Violation' for project 'dev-bitminer-1-0-0'


I have been a regular glitch user for at least a couple months now. I was building a project called ‘dev-bitminer-1-0-0’. (it doesn’t actually mine anything, despite the name).

I believe my project was erroneously banned. I made a sqlite3 database, then entered the following linux commands into the Glitch console:

1.) ‘sqlite3 .data/[my database filename]’
2.) ‘.help’

Immediately following, my project was suspended, without warning, displaying: “Project dev-bitminer-1-0-0 suspended: Process violation. If you feel this has been an error, contact us at

Can you please rectify this?

@Glitch_Response, please take a look at this!

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Thank you! Sorry didn’t know there was a tag. @Glitch_Response

Hi @twothreefour100,

It sounds like our system flagged the project. Please send a message to so we can help you directly with this.