Error 403 Forbidden from too many requests? (Pro account)

I’m using glitch to host my final year university project which is a live and post race telemetry interface for assetto corsa ( Telemetry information from the game is sent to the site 5 times a second (was originally 10 which I’m trying to target but made the issue I’m having worse) via websocket messages. The problem I’m having though is that I’m occasionally getting error 403: Forbidden errors when trying to send data i.e. the website refuses to load for a few minutes and then starts working again. When I initially sent data 10 times a second this would happen after just a couple of minutes and happens seemingly randomly with the current configuration.
I have a glitch pro account so I thought the number of requests was unlimited? I’m wondering if glitch is flagging something up since a large number of requests are coming from a single device.
Is there anyway around this or am I going to have to look for a different hosting service?

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Do you see any errors in the console when your site fails to load? It sounds like maybe the app is restarting, which should not happen if you are using a Boosted app, but maybe your instance is running out of memory or something like that?

Thanks for the suggestion. After changing the request rate to 10 times a second to generate an error more quickly, I looked at the logs and status. Memory and Disk usage never changed from 2% and 7% respectively, and CPU usage fluctuated between 20% and 40%. There were also no errors generated in the log so that doesn’t seem to be the issue.

From what I know Glitch seems to ratelimit IPs at the proxy level so there isn’t a whole lot you can do about this. I’ve had the ratelimiting when viewing projects over Tor.

If that’s the case then I’m going to have to move my project over to another service then. I absolutely need this many requests for accuracy reasons :frowning:

My advice would be to get a rep that works for Glitch to spell out the limits (if there are any) and ideally to point you to where they are spelled out.

Hi there @louis012345678 - so related to what @RiversideRocks mentioned, I think that your app is not hitting it’s rate limit, but the sender of that data is. Can you email with this info along with what’s sending the data that’s getting limited (an IP would be ideal if you have that, we’ve allow-listed them before).

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