Error: 45c34e572f158e92

I got notified to ask about this error code

Was there any additional context along with that? What’s the rest of the error message? What was happening at the time?

This happened when I opened a project and attempted signing in on glitch on mobile.

Thanks! Were you able to get logged in, or are you still having trouble? Did you happen to be thanking someone at around that time?

It only happens on mobile, my desktop works fine.

And no I was not thanking anyone.

I asked about the thanking because the error id you sent shows some messages around thanks, so that in itself is a little interesting.

I was not able to reproduce this, so I have a couple of followup questions:

  1. what mobile os and browser?
  2. are you already logged in to GitHub on that device? Or are you being prompted to login to GitHub as part of the Glitch login flow?