Error 520 cloudflare

Somehow my website got 520 cloudflare error.

My glitch url:

Hi @hoangvu12!
I can’t load your site via either URL. This is probably a problem with your code and not Cloudflare or Glitch. For us to help we’ll need to see your code :slight_smile:

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I already sent an invite to you to see my code.

Hi. I don’t see any invite. I get a 404 when I try to go to the editor of that project. Can you DM me an invite link?

I resent u the invite link.

Ah, i figured out, I just did a stupid thing in my code so it didn’t work. My bad, also thank you for helping me

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Just so you know just give people the link to your project so they can view the code not the invite to edit link.