Error 520 on my site

On my site, Im getting a Error 520 error on Any reason?

Can you try turning back your encryption level on Cloudflare?

Its on the basic one, the one after off.

@LankyBox01to what??

the website code.
if it’s made in glitch, please give us the link to the source code :slight_smile:

Ah okay. Give me a min

@no_one!/agiliro-resource is my site link to edit.

great, now we can track the source of the problem :slight_smile:
I’m online right now, go there and accept my request

Hello?? Can you please accept my request to edit?

Why do you need to edit? Couldn’t you just look at the code for issues?

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you’ll see… i got an idea


This has nothing to do with the website code.

@milanmdev please contact, they can help you there.

Okay, one sec

Please note that this has nothing to do with the website’s code, this is a Cloudflare issue that should be brought up with Glitch.

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Thats what I thought, was wondering why they needed code.


@RiversideRocks I think ima just email Glitch about this