Error: Cannot Locate Bindings File

Hello, I am just starting a new node project, and I have installed quick.db. I have seen in other threads that using enable-pnpm, but that has not helped me. Any suggestions?

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Welcome to forums @TheSimG!
Can you tell your node version?


Try this in your terminal
npm rebuild

Thanks! My node version is currently 12.

This does not seem to have done anything, other than causing my CPU usage to go up to 91%

It just do after get redused

When I run npm rebuild, i get a lot of errors.

There is no solution currently afaik, downgrading your node might help.

I will update this thread if I find solution.

That worked, thanks!

Old post, but I hope this helps someone.

I encountered this error whilst testing Discord.js V12.

I was able to fix this by uninstalling all database packages (better-sqlite-3, sqlite, quick.db) and then installing quick.db by itself, without manually installing better-sqlite-3.

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