Error code to connection to github account

403: bad_verification_code

The code passed is incorrect or expired.

Hi @tris111, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

Am I correct that you’re seeing this error when you try to log into Glitch? Can you give us any more details? What’s your Glitch username or your GitHub handle? Is this your first time creating an account, r do you already have a Glitch account and are having trouble signing in? Do you see the same problem when you sign in from a different browser? Are you able to sign in using your email address instead?

Sorry for the flood of questions, but the error you’re running into a pretty vague and we’ll need some more information to troubleshoot it.

no this only appers when I associate the github account when I am starting the code.
my handle is tris111 as well
yes this my first account
I wouldn’t know I only tried to connect with google chrome
I haven’t logged in with just the email account and password yet