Error: Disk Full

The disk in my project is full and I can’t run “git prune” or “git gc” like I did in the past. I also can’t delete anything from my data directory. I saw somewhere that you guys freed up some space temporarily, I was wondering if you guys could do the same for the project “jibril-bot” as well.

I temporarily deleted all the code in my .js file so that it doesn’t keep giving errors and spams the Discord API.

Hi @Swagnemitee! Note that we are having some Discord issues right now, which may also be causing your project to error: Active Discord Issues - Solution In Progress. Once that issue is resolved, I can look into the space issues in your project. Thanks for your patience!

Thank you for the response @lyzidiamond but I’m pretty sure the problem is the disk space and not something else. Hope you can deal with the Discord issues as lots of people seem to be suffering from it. I understand that it gets priority. Good luck!

Hey @Swagnemitee, welcome to the Glitch forum!

We’d be happy to grant you some temporary additional space, but I can’t find a project with that name. Can you confirm that for us?

Hello @cori, thanks for the response!
I changed the name from a default name to jibril-bot. Here is a a screenshot of the name:
The project was on private, maybe that’s the reason? Though I doubt it. Nonetheless I made the project non private in the meantime since there is no code currently anyways. Here are some links to the project:
Project Page: (keep in mind that the project has nothing to run right now)
Hope you guys can deal with this as soon as possible, good luck!

Hey @Swagnemitee not sure why I couldn’t find that project last night, but I found it this morning and granted some additional space for 24 hours. You should be able to clean up your git repo’s space now!

Thanks a lot @cori, everything’s fine now. I also saw some stuff about .data directories and .gitignore. Is it possible for you to give some information about that so that this doesn’t happen again? As far as I understand renaming the file .data/fileNameHere.json will work but I’m still unsure can you help me with that? Thanks in advance.

Hey @Swagnemitee, if you were running into problems with your git repo size that almost always means that you have files that change regularly and each change gets committed to the repo, which eventually grows too big. To avoid that you’ll want to gitignore those files, which you can do by adding their names to a .gitignore file. Everything in the .data directory is automatically gitignored, so moving those files to .data will serve the same purpose.