Error during clone

He writes help when he wants to send files from github to glitch:

Error during clone

Cloning this repo failed.

Check the Logs for details.

This is an issue for @glitch_support! In the meantime, what is the name of the repo and the project?

Hi @SagaviS, welcome to the Glitch community, and sorry for the bother!

In the Glitch project where you see that error, do you see anything in the logs? Go to Tools > Logs in the editor let us know if you see any error messages that seem to be relevant.

Sometimes, you can try the import again from the Glitch editor by going to Tools > Import and Export > Import from GitHub. Let us know if that works!

As @RiversideRocks mentioned, if you’re still having trouble with GitHub import and want us to look into it, we’ll need the name of the GitHub repository and the Glitch project. If you prefer to keep that private, you can send the info to and we’ll see what we can do!

I’m moving this thread to #glitch-help!