Error Glitch - Package - Npm

Every time I update the package file via glitch it always gives error. I just used the command npm i express and it again gave an error.
I do not fully understand, because I do not have coding knowledge.
(unfortunately I can only put 1 picture …)


Can you please share some code of your bot.js file around line 50-65?

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client.commands = new Discord.Collection();
client.aliases = new Discord.Collection();
fs.readdir(’./komutlar/’, (err, files) => {
if (err) console.error(err);
log(${files.length} komut yüklenecek.);
files.forEach(f => {
let props = require(./komutlar/${f});
log(Yüklenen komut: ${}.);
client.commands.set(, props);
props.conf.aliases.forEach(alias => {

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