Error: Incorrect login details were provided

I use Glitch to run my Discord bot’s codes but it is giving error since 10-15 minutes. It says Error: Incorrect login details were provided but I am sure that the token is not wrong. I changed the token and resetted the token in the config file and restarted my bot but it did not change. I did this several times. How can I solve this?

Hey @kenux,

Is your token in your .env or config.json? if its in your .env then your logon part should look like this


Replace with what you call discord.js with and to what variable it is set

if you did something like this:


use ’ in the token, like this:


Hope this helps! :grinning:

I am sure that I typed the variable names etc. correct. I replaced the token several times.

Make sure you are getting the bot token, not the Discord app id.