Error on download project

As I already met the limit of the allowed time and I need to continue editing my projects, I wanted to download them but when downloading it and trying to open the zip it throws an error and there is only the folder that I will show below

Translate the screenshot. That’s likely why u haven’t gotten a response

That is your computer’s problem, not Glitch’s.

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Can you install a program like 7zip?

My pc has nothing to see before, I always downloaded projects and let me open them now, not so I kindly ask you to avoid those comments since if it were for my pc I would not have come here

I will see if it works

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Hi, I apologise if my post offended you. But offending you was not (and still is not) my aim. I was actually having this same problem myself on Windows 10 (while downloading a GitHub release) even though others were not; later, I used Git to clone the repository which you could do as well. I hope this helps. :slight_smile: