Error: "Permission Denied" when trying to install discord.js

I kept getting this thing saying that it cannot find the module “snekfetch”. This happened over-night for me while I was asleep. The last code I wrote was for an avatar command and that worked the day before.

Is it possible to show us your project so we can take a closer look?

How do you want me to do that?

Without any context it’s hard for anyone to help you. Maybe make a remix of the project public, share it with me personally, share screenshots of your package.json, or share any error messages you might be getting (other than the one where it can’t find snekfetch)

Alright, I took a look (but didn’t edit any of your code).

Can you try running these commands in the console:

  • enable-pnpm
  • pnpm install
  • refresh

Thank you so much! I couldn’t have actually fixed it without you

You’re welcome! Glad it’s working now

And I’m moving this to #coding-help!