Error showing several project could not be started. why?


I tried to open editor for one of my projects, but it fails to load.
“could not connect to project for 503 - “project could not be started””

I’ve never experienced any problem opening this project before.


also the below proojects have the same problems. Cannot load.

Why could they not be started?


I’ve tried to take a look, but I can’t be of much help - execute-any-code loaded ok, sms-server-wait-eat is private so I can’t view the source and coding-exerices is either private or has been removed/renamed. If you can provide the new name and or make it public, or DM me a join link then I can take a closer look.


I’ve now been able to see this myself in other projects. It looks like there’s an intermittent problem with one of the servers. I’ve reported and it’ll be looked into. Sorry for the problems.


Hey, i have the sam problem is there anybody working on?


works again, i could connect, thanks