Error: Something took too long to do. ( help, plz ;-; )


My bot doesn’t want to call after this error happens. I’m trying since early and nothing so far, any help I would appreciate very much!

The name of the project is rikka-music

try curl -I in the console if you see something similar to http 429, your on a banned host, if else, i will assist by joining and doing advanced troubleshooting

The problem is that my bots are NOT in ANY host, just in glitch. And also all my bots, even the new ones are giving the same error, and I have not hosted them anywhere.

each glitch bot is on a host, with many other, if that host is banned by discord, you have a problem until glitch recycles the host and puts your bot on a new one, glitch does NOT run on one server, no discord bot would be able to run if it was one server

would you know how long I need to wait to put the bots on a new host? and yes, everyone is presenting that http 429 (first response)

ok, you are definitely on a banned host, the glitch team usually has the host recycled by the next day, or in the next hour, it all depends on timing

No ;-; I’m new to the programming area.

… well then, OOOOOF

Can you give a direct link to your code? I tried going to but there is no project there.

@erinmarieomg it is not terrible, i host about 55 packages / games on here, and all of them are linked, and i don’t have any issues, any other host will have the exact issue glitch is having with Yato’s bot, you just HAVE to be patient for the glitch team, they are not the fastest

I am a Typescript developer. I’ve recently learned it, and I’m a proficient at it. If you need help please let me know.

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i may need you on html-db then…