Error started showing up today


Getting this error
Project name: typhoon-foam


Hey @pandaixxi I’m not seeing that error right now but I am seeing a number of others that seem to indicate that perhaps something’s amiss with your bot’s underlying configuration?

With respect to the original error, a brief search seems to indicate that error appears when getting guild members takes longer than 2 minutes. Normally I’d suspect a ban from Discord, but we don’t have any banned hosts right now, so I’m not sure how best to sort that out. I’m moving this topic to to see if other bot authors might have some suggestions.


I found the cause of the first error, was one of the commands, so i deleted it for now, the second one is not causing problems with bot, but keeps popping up.


Glad you found the solution for the first error. The second error seems likely to be causing problems of some sort, but if everything seems like it’s working well for you then :+1:t2:.


no idea anymore, now his ping gets high, and dies, and restarts and dies


getting errors alll over again, i removed the commands that could be causing this problems, i readded some files but it keeps happening


Hey @pandaixxi can you give us an idea of what errors you’re seeing now?


Can I be invited to the project that this is happening on to get a closer look at what might be happening here.




this two errors all the time popping up


Hey @pandaixxi those errors look to me as though perhaps your project is trying to read input from a file that’s malformed. Do you know where the input for those commands are coming from?


no idea, it was working fine, then it started popping out of nowhere, its not causing troubles for now