ERROR TYPE: Error: listen EADDRINUSE :::3000


I Keep getting ERROR: Error: listen EADDRINUSE :::3000


hi! can you let me know the project name?


sure il give you an invite


I Sent the invite :smiley:


please tell me there’s a way to fix this Im really freaking out :frowning:


so there’s a lot going on in there, it’s hard for me to find what else is trying to listen to port 3000 - but this is a discord bot with a database and i imagine something there is trying to do so at the same time as your express app.


so do i need to make a new app and transfer everything?


Em it works now? its saying something now


did not work

well :frowning:


The error you’re seeing occurs when things attempt to use the same port. So somewhere in your code, or within one of the modules you’re using, something else is using port 3000 in addition to the Express server you’ve defined in app.js. However, if you comment out the app.listen in app.js then your project works. Your project was also full, so I had to clear up some project files. Now it’s saying it doesn’t have correct login info for Discord, which is something you should be able to solve.


something else is going on at I had a previously functional project get this error all of a sudden, and i could not edit anything. Every attempt to edit forces a reconnect and my edits are overwritten.


The latter happens when your project is full. If your project was created more than a month ago, I suggest running enable-pnpm at the console. You can also run git prune and git gc to clear up more space. Once it’s editable again, check your code and dependencies to understand what else is trying to use the same port.

Error: listen EADDRINUSE :::3000. Remix works. Storage not full

Looks like the project was full, thank you!
is there a place to see how much space is left in the project?


I agree with this maybe there should be a way to see your storage