Error when adding custom domains

When I type in a custom domain and press enter, I get this:
Why does it happen and how do I fix this?

Hi @4rseniy

I am sorry that you are seeing this error when you add a custom domain to your project! Does the custom domain still get added to the project, despite seeing the error message?

If so, this is a bug that our team is working to fix. I will post an update here once it has been resolved.

If you see the error message and the custom domain, does not appear to have been added to the project, please send us a support request so that we can help you further with this!

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Yes, the domain gets added, despite the error.

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Okay, thanks for letting me know @4rseniy

Once we have fixed the bug that is causing the error message to show when it should not, I will post an update here.

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We have fixed the bug that was causing an unnecessary error message to appear when a custom domain is successfully added to a project.

If you continue to see the error, please let me know!

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