Error when linking github account


I tried linking my github account and got this error please help
400: undefined

    Database Error. Please report this id to Glitch Support: eb0cfa198fd6b7c9


Hi @Greysilly, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

I show that your GitHub account is already linked to a Glitch account. Can you tell me more about the steps that you’re performing to get that error in case we have a bug we need to take a look at?


I gave wrong password the first time when i tryed linking it so i unlinked it from github and did it again and put it the right password


So you disconnected things from the GitHub side of things? I guess I’m still confused - when you use the GitHub login from Glitch the expected behavior is that once you complete the login process at GitHub Glitch will look up your user account based on your GitHub id/ Somehow, instead of that, you’re getting routed to the new account process, which shouldn’t be the case, but I can’t reproduce that behavior.

Here’s what I did on my test account:

  1. logged into
  2. navigated to
  3. deauthorized Glitch
  4. went to
  5. signed in using “Sign in with GitHub”
  6. Authorized Glitch again
  7. got logged in

Is that more or less what you did? If not, where am I off-base?


yes it is what i did but i also cleared my cookies on my browser


At what step in the process did you clear the cookies?

In order to get you logged in you might try using the “Sign in with Email” option. If you use the same email address as that associated with your GitHub account Glitch should log you into the same account.


after i deauthorized Glitch


i do sign with email and i use the same email for glitch