Error when loging in with github


hello , i m trying to import and export from github but when i tried to authorized them together i got this error code 97bfd1ebc03726b9


Hey @Zeussss12 can you tell me what Glitch user you’re logged in as when you receive this error?


do you want my username ?


That would be awesome!


newzeus44 this is my username


i got a message from a bot that my account is in hold what will happen to my account and my projects and there is a solution for my error ?


Hey @Zeussss12 I’m pretty sure the problem you’re running into is that you already have an account associated with your GitHub account. Right now we only allow a GitHub id to be associated with a single Glitch account.

If you’d like me to move the GitHub ID from the original account to this new one can you please send an email to from an email address associated with the GitHub account?

I’m not sure what you mean about your account being suspended - if you’re seeing that it’s not coming from Glitch; we don’t currently suspend user accounts. Your projects should remain unharmed while we work through this.


I already went to github and revoke old account and it is the same problem


Revoking the account on GitHub doesn’t disconnect it from the Glitch account at the moment; that’s got to be done manually. I just need to verify that you’re the GitHub account owner and sending the email I requested is a fairly straightforward way to do that.