Error when trying to use a node project

whenever i try to make a node project, it keeps showing this error in the logs

node: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.27' not found (required by node)

im not sure if i did anything specifically wrong, but when i make or modify any project i have, it keeps doing that. my project is here

Can you try removing Node 20 from the dependencies?

(Containers only have up to Node 16 at the moment, also you don’t need to put Node in the dependencies list.)

seems to still be giving that error

Remove it entirely from the dependencies list, I meant, sorry!

i think im missing something, i removed it from the dependencies (along with a few other things such as keywords and repository), but it still gives the same error

Yeah this is interesting - remixing other Node apps work fine but there’s something about your project in particular that seems allergic to Node. I’ll share with the eng team and see if they are familiar with this!

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can you check in the terminal what type node prints?

node is /app/node_modules/.bin/node

Ah okay so because you had Node a dependency, the path for it is set to within node_modules. I’m asking the team how to set it back to where it should be (somewhere within /opt/nvm/versions/)

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Ah, @ckolderup said to try removing /app/node_modules/node and that made my remix work! So go into the terminal and run rm -rf /app/node_modules/node and the error that follows will likely be that your project needs more dependencies.

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