Error while loading my project

I am getting this very vague undefined error whenever I try to edit my project in the IDE

Hello @kran6a, welcome to the support forum!

I’m sorry you’re seeing this issue- can you share the name of the project so I can look into it?

warnaprice, it was set to private but now it is listed as this


hey @kran6a - your project was automatically suspended for for exceeding the disk space limit on node_modules (where your packages withing package.json go). i unsuspended it and ran enable-pnpm in the console so that pnpm (instead of npm) is used for installing the packages.

this is keeping your project up, but there’s a chance that one or more of these packages aren’t compatible with pnpm. if that’s the case, running enable-npm in the console will install them with npm but likely run you into the disk space limit.