Error with thanks and custom domains


I looked at advanced options and saw this
Help others and get thanked 0 more times to use this


Hey @BarnMS can you send me a screenshot of that too? I looked at your glitch profile and you seem to be all set to use custom domains so it looks like we might have a bug to look into.


Here it is (taken on my phone)


It seems like the bug here might be with enabling the custom domains feature on mobile. What happens if you access that from a desktop or laptop? If that works, what do you see if you go back to the same thing on your phone?


Same thing, cant send a screen shot though because its midnight here


When you say “same thing” do you mean that you saw the identical results on your desktop/laptop that you saw on your phone?

We had seen a problem that was apparently restricted to mobile so I wanted to verify if what you’re seeing was the same thing or not. If you want to send a screenshot when you can that would be awesome. When I have a few minutes I’ll enable the custom domains feature for you since you qualify and the problem seems to be on our end.

Thanks for your help!


Hi once again @BarnMS!

Digging a little more deeply into this and we noticed that one of your “Thanks!” is from yourself. Those don’t count towards the custom domain feature, so the fact that that’s not enabled for you yet is accurate. We’ve logged a bug for the fact that the UI doesn’t properly reflect reality in that case; thanks again for the report!


Oh, it was from when I was testing out thanks and joined a project as an anonymous user (then thanked anonymously)