Errors in console

Eng: Hello, I am Mohammed. There are errors in the console of My Project that I do not know why. Can you help if possible?

TR: Merhaba ben muhammed Benim Projemin konsolunda Nedenini bilmediğim hatalar var mümkünse siz yardımcı olabilirmisiniz?

If you solve the errors in the Console of my project, thank you very much.

Project name: frozen-bot

Can you share the errors?

Did you forget this: ;

Maybe the bot doesn’t have permission to see that channel.
Or the channel ID provided is invalid.

Another tip: If you’re using discord.js v12 this means that you have to fetch the channel like this:


I hope this helped. :smiley:


the same error persists.

I am using Version 11.

You’re using this on an event, right?
Or is it a command?

how is member defined?