Errors using serial port in Glitch


It’s my first time trying to host a node.js app in Glitch. My app also uses Serial Port to connect to Arduino, which seems to be giving me an error in Glitch. Here’s the link to the Glitch site in case you have any idea what’s going on: link to the Glitch project

Any help would be so appreciated!

Hello! Your glitch application runs on a another specialized variant of a computer designed to run for long periods of time called a server. This server does not have any access to the serial ports on your personal computer unfortunately, so unfortunately your program will only work if it’s on the same computer as your arduino is plugged into.


as @javaarchive said you can’t use serial ports, however, I found this post explaining about controlling your arduino from anywhere, this may help you.

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Thank you both! I didn’t know Glitch wouldn’t be able to access my laptop’s serial port. I’ll go through the link you’ve shared, thank you!