ESLint and Gomix

Loving every bit of Gomix I’ve played with so far!

Might there be any plans to support a linting tool such as ESLint? Or is there any way right now to set up a linter?


right now we’re working on updating the text editor and it’s linting architecture. We’re still a ways from excellence here, but the eventual plan is that great linting will be integrated into the editor as you type.

In the short term we won’t have support for customizable per-project linting rulesets. But this can absolutely change as we learn more about how people use linting and how they generally would choose to customize it.


Any update here? :slight_smile: I’m using Vue on a project and all my files keep the warning “Vue is not defined”

Hi Victor,

ESLint is now the linter we use in the editor. You can put this line at the top of each file that uses Vue: /* global Vue */ and you will not get the error any more :slight_smile:

We are planning to add support for project-wide ESLint settings too.

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Just wanted to know about the progress of project-wide ESLint settings.