Eternally loading my project

Hello glitch staff and members. I don’t know what is going on recently but my project keeps having errors (such as the one i mentioned yesterday that is now fixed). Today i cannot access my project. It stays for ever at the screen Loading Project Glitch Tip! Securely store app secrets and config in .env

If you need to know the project’s name i’d prefere sending it privately due to past experiences and the fact that this project is growing.

Hey @dsColDex, welcome to the Glitch forum!

We’d be happy to take a look; can you please provide your project name, so we know what to look at?

Hello.My project name “Ozora”

Hey @dsColDex I’m not seeing any problems with this project right now; are you still seeing issues?

Hey @cori I`m have problem.When I clicked somewhere or even the site just loaded, but it hovered like a picture, and whatever I did. Moreover, new projects work fine.

Whenever I try to work on a glitch project, the entire page freezes after I type 1 or 2 characters. Nothing works. I can’t type anything in. I can’t press any buttons. Refreshing doesn’t work.

Hey @dsColDex i see your issue. have you attempted to refresh the page or log in then log out? might be a good thing to do. if still not working then. i suggest your take it up with staff. I would love to help! anyhow. this is just some suggestions. have a good rest of the day. :wave:

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Hi @flashmaster303 .No, I didn’t do this, but new projects work, and the old one is important in my bot. The page loads, and sometimes it doesn’t. Even if it loads, you can’t change anything, nothing can be clicked. I can’t do anything