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Probably been talked about before, but meh

So, I think Glitch should have events and curators. Examples:

  • Monthly hackathon
  • Partner with services like auth0, sendinblue (examples of hashnode doing it
  • Weekly challenges
  • Discussions (“what made you sign up for glitch?” or “what is your favorite programming language and why”)
  • Having website curators (e.g. allowing members to feature projects and collections). People could be allowed to sign up and run for curators and have requirements (e.g. active on glitch and it’s forums, no moderation strikes within the past x months, etc)

hi! i’m david. I like using node.js, ejs, nunjucks, and php to make websites. I live in the USA :us:

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We’ve got something coming soon in this kind of space. I’d love to know - what kind of monthly prompts would you like to see us try out with the community?


Maybe apps you can use for productivity, like a pomodoro timer or a javascript rewrite of powerpoint

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i like the idea of prompts, but i think that particular prompt has already been done by Glitch on a couple of their blog posts.

other than that, these events could largely revive this community and also make Glitch known in this field.

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I am all for sharing information but in this particular case I believe it gets very tricky. You can see from the questions being posted that some members are not quite certain what “var” means in JavaScript.

That isn’t a problem but explaining that can’t be the reason for Glitch. People continue to use Express, I would recommend against it. People ask Discord questions that are easily answered on Discord help sites.

So who is the target audience for these things and how do you address the largest group?

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Apps that you can understand and enjoy in under 60 seconds!

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Yeah true. Maybe we could have a challenge where everything is in one file with no dependencies (with the exception of express or fastify). However, it has to be useful.

Well, some challenges can be for beginners, like telling a story in html, and more advanced, like using databases to handle user data.

Yeah express has it’s downsides. But, many people still like it. It’s easy to use and is used in many popular applications

Another idea is to make a pastebin like service (adding it here so I don’tthe thread)

Sorry for bad formatting, on mobile

I’ll watch to see what happens. What I do is search “cool web apps” or something similar in a search engine. I assume if it can run it can in most cases run in Glitch. If there is a contest doesn’t one mostly lift one of those and plunk it down here?

I use Hapi for a web server I wouldn’t expect more support here than I would find on the Hapi support site, same with Discord bots. There are probably 1000 questions and answer per minute on Discord about Discord bots.

I could see demonstrations of useful functionality i.e. libraries but even that becomes problematic. Which logger, which unit testing tool, etc.

Yea, a lot of discord questions can be answered by just following along with the documentation. It’s not that hard, just go to discord.js and select the apporiate version of your library and boom you can do almost anything you can do as a normal user on discord programatically.

A Notion widget challenge! Glitch is perfect for Notion widgets because you can either embed the main Glitch or you can remix it!


Well there is the #the-gallery, where many people don’t do that :slight_smile:

You have to have faith in people and not assume everyone is going to steal code. Also, you don’t really want challenges on a forum that people showcase products because people ask for help with discord bots? That’s what I’m understanding

Is that supposed to be preventing the Glitch team from hosting events? Glitch is for everyone, from newbies, to code pros.

I seem to have hit a nerve, sorry.

It isn’t about theft or not answering questions about Node or Discord bots. It comes down to asking questions in the place where where you are likely to get the latest information, quickly. If you had questions about v13 of DiscordJs you could have posted it on the DiscordJs “guild” for the last 6 months at least. How long would it take and who here would spend the time to explain how to create a button MessageCollector? There are dozens of people doing it every day on DiscordJs so why (if you wanted an answer) wouldn’t you ask there?

I did mention I would see what happens, if there are events I’ll probably watch. Thanks for your understanding.

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No you haven’t, I was just extremely confused, sorry about that. I think I understand what you are saying now. Thanks for clarifying.